English menu

G=no gluten added / L= No cowmilk added / V=vegetarian / Ve=Vegan

Small picks from all corners of the world:

Homemade chips with fetacheesecrème or truffleaioli 45sek                  G * V * L

Fried avocado with soyadip 75sek                                                                        V * L

Hot smoked salmon stir on roasted bread crisps 35sek                                   L

Grilled chicken cream with spice cremé, chives & parmesan on bread crisps 35sek

Crayfish tails with a taste of Västerbottencheese, cumin & dill served on bread crisps  35sek

Small toast Skagen 35sek

Bread & butter 45sek

 Greensalad with tomato & vinaigrette 35sek

Garlic bread with tzatziki 65sek

Toast Skagen 155sek                                                                                          L

Lobster soup with homemade croutons starter:135sek

Oysters – choose your accompaniment (lemon, sharlotten onion vinaigrette, chili, coriander & lime vinaigrette or tabasco) -35sek/pc

Smoked shrimp with aioli & garlic bread 145sek                                            L

Small picks continue:

Hot artichoke dip au gratin with fetacheese served with toast libabread 75sek                                                                                                                                        V            

Coconut shrimp with pineapple & chili dip 95sek                                                     L

Croquettes stuffed with chanterelles & västerbottencheese served with salsa verde -75sek

Västerbottencheese fried scallops with limeaioli 120sek

Aubergine owenbaked with cream cheese topped with herbcrust 85sek

Garlic fried red prawns with limeaioli 120sek                                                        G * L

Tuna tartar with coriander, chili & lime served with srirachamayonnaise & diluted salad 185sek                                                                                                      G * L

Softshell tacos with crispy fish &  mint, coriander, chili & lime served with mango salsa & jalapeñomayonnaise 95sek                                                                L

Asian salad with crispy vegetables & roasted pumpkin seeds 65sek          Ve * L

Laab Thai meat dish with finely chopped steak, roasted rice flavored with mint, coriander & chili served with leaf salad 95sek                                            G * L

Creamy Fresh pasta with vongole mussels flavored with white wine, cream, garlic, chili & parsley 85sek

Pick your own ”whole” dish:

Whole roast seabass with flavors of the Mediterranean 285sek                       

Seared char (approx. 200 gr) 175sek

Butter-east cod loin (approx. 250 gr) 220sek

Seared tuna (approx. 250 gr) 240sek

Tender sirloin steak (approx. 300 gr) 200sek

French fries 35sek

Sweet potato fries 45sek

Mashed potatoes 35sek

Potato wedges 35sek

Veal gravy 35sek

Chilibearnaise 25sek

Aioli 25sek     

Limeaioli 25sek

Truffleaioli 35sek

Larger full courses:  

 Whole fried sea bass with Mediterranean flavors like tomato & mango salsa flavored with mint, coriander, chili & lime served with sweet potato fries & lime aioli 375sek                                                             L                                                                                                       

12-hour tomato & redwinebraised Oxcheek on potato puree served with garlic & parsley fried mushrooms & pickled red onion and Truffle aioli 275sek

Creamy Fresh pasta with Vongole mussels flavored with white wine, cream, garlic, chili & parsley 255sek

Larger full courses:

Lasagna with taste of artichoke, olives, semi-dried tomato & parmesan served with tomato sauce, pickled red onion & feta cheese crème 175sek

Butter-seared cod loin with skimmed butter, horseradish & mashed potatoes 310sek                                                                                                                                    G

Seared char with mashed potatoes, white wine sauce, chives & shrimp

285sek                                                                                                                                    G

Laxwallenbergare with mashed potatoes, lingonberries & pickles179sek

Fried herring with mashed potatoes, lingonberries & pickles169sek

Homemade meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce & lingonberries169sek                                                                                                         G

Chickpea stew with toast of garlic 165sek                                                           Ve * L    

Bouillabaisse – With fish & vegetables and aioli & garlic bread 225 sek       L

Bouillabaisse Deluxe – With fish & vegetables, shrimp & bluemussels and aioli & garlic bread 285sek                                                                                                L

Moules frites – White wine cooked mussels with parsley & vegetables, fries & aioli 220sek                                                                                                                       G * L

Lightly grilled tuna with Tomatoe & mangosalsa, sweet potato fries & limeaioli 335sek                                                                                                               G * L

Giant shrimp sandwich with egg & mayonnaise 335sek                                       L

Shrimp salad with egg, rhode island & croutons 235sek                                     L

Tender entrecote (approx. 300 gr) with fries, chili bearnaise and veal gravy  310 sek                                                                                                                               G * L

Lobstersoup with homemade croutons 275sek                 


Warm brownie topped with chocolate & coffee ganache served with rum-marinated cherries and cream 120sek

Frozen raspberry cheesecake on passion fruit mirror and fresh berries  120sek

Vanilla ice cream with lime marinated strawberries and lightly whipped cream 120 sek                                                                                                                   G

Salted licorice brulee with limoncello sorbet  120sek                            G

Creamy lemon sorbet served in a martini glass  75sek                       G * L

Creamy lemon sorbet topped with Cava and fresh raspberries 120sek G * L Churros with cinnamon & sugar with or without vanilla ice cream 120 / 85sek

Chocolate truffle with cointreau 50 sek                                                       G


Meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce & lingonberries  85sek     G

Meatballs with fries 85sek             G

Salmon Wallenberg with mashed potatoes, gherkins & lingonberries 85sek

Small bouillabaisse with aioli & garlic bread 110sek                 L

Homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce 50sek   G

Churros with cinnamon & sugar with or without vanilla ice cream 120 / 95sek

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