English menu

G=no gluten added / L= No cowmilk added / V=vegetarian / Ve=Vegan

Small bread:

Auberginecréme with roasted garlic, chipotle & tomato served on olive focaccia topped with chives 39Sek                                                                                                      

Small toast skagen on bread crisp 39Sek                                                                 L

Small picks from all corners of the world:

Homemade chips with truffle aioli or blue cheesecréme    45Sek                     G

Toast skagen on salad 155Sek                                                                                    L

Small lobster soup served with homemade croutons 145Sek

Potato pancake served  with 12 hours baked brisket with portwine lingonberries  95Sek                                                                                                       L

Raw beef with pickled golden beets, capers, parsley & chili served with french fries dijonnais and salad 195Sek                                                                            G*L

Tuna tartare With taste of lime, fresh ginger, mint, coriander & toasted garlic served with soya & chipotlemayo toasted shallot & spiced sesame seeds 195Sek                                                                                                                      G*L

Fishtacos on homemade corntortilla with pickled jalapeño, tomatosalsa & avocadocréme 110Sek                                                                                             L

Red wine braised pulpo with risotto de serrano topped with fresh arugula 220Sek                                                                                                                              G

Garlic fried gambas with tomato & parslay served with bread  95Sek    L

Small picks from all corners of the world continues:

Escargots de bourgogne. Herbs & garlic au gratin snails with toasted garlicbread 135Sek

Homemade calamares fried with indian spices with a burmese mintcréme 85Sek                                                                                                                             L

Red beet ravioli stuffed with chévre topped with melted butter, capers & golden beets & fresh herbs 145Sek                                                                     V

Löjrom & cottage cheesedip served with toasted libabread  95Sek

Oysters Choose your accompinament *lemon* *vinaigrette with shallots* *tabasco*   39Sek/pc                                                                                              G*L

Västerbottencheese fried scallops with lemon & parslaycréme 145Sek

Croquettes stuffed with chanterelles & västerbotten cheese served with truffle aioli  85Sek                                                                                                          V

Greek green olives marinated with garlic & chili 65Sek                                   G * L

Fried avocado with soyadip 75sek                                                                           V * L

Bread & butter 45sek                                                                                                    V

Roasted Olive & parmesan focaccia 45Sek

Greensalad with tomato & vinaigrette 35sek                                               L*G*Ve

Garlic bread with tzatziki 75sek                                                                                   V

Main courses:                                                                                                  

12-hour tomato & redwinebraised Oxcheek on potato puree served with garlic & parsley fried mushrooms & pickled red onion and Truffle aioli  275sek                                                                                                                                   G

Butter-seared cod loin with skimmed butter, horseradish & mashed potatoes 325sek                                                                                                                                    G

Seared charr with mashed potatoes, white wine sauce, chives & shrimp

295sek                                                                                                                                    G

Laxwallenbergare with mashed potatoes, lingonberries & pickles195sek

Fried herring with mashed potatoes, lingonberries & pickles185sek

Homemade meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce & lingonberries185sek                                                                                                         G

Lobstersoup with homemade croutons 275sek         

Giant shrimp sandwich with egg & mayonnaise 335sek                                       L

Bouillabaisse – With fish & vegetables and aioli & garlic bread 225 sek       L

Bouillabaisse Deluxe – With fish & vegetables, shrimp & bluemussels and aioli & garlic bread 285sek                                                                                               L

Moules frites – White wine cooked mussels with parsley & vegetables, fries & aioli 220sek                                                                                                                       G * L

Lightly grilled tuna with Tomatoe & mangosalsa, sweet potato fries & lemon & parslaycréme   335sek                                                                                             G * L                                         

Shrimp salad with egg, rhode island & croutons 235sek                                     L

Strip loin biff (approx. 300 gr) with fries, chilibearnaise and veal gravy              -365 sek                                                                                                                     G*L     

Vegetarian / Vegan

Vegan Bouillabaisse – With Pickled artichoke flavored with dill umbel & pernod served with toasted garlicbread & vegan aioli 225Sek                   Ve*L  

Vegan lasagna with taste of artichoke, olives &semi-dried tomato served with tomato sauce, pickled red onion                                                 175sek                   Ve

Indian Dal with basmatirice, applechutney topped with fresh coriander 165Sek                                                                                                                     Ve*L*G


Meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce & lingonberries  90sek        G

Meatballs with french fries & ketchup 90sek                                                         G

SalmonWallenbergare with mashed potatoes, gherkins & lingonberries 90sek

Small bouillabaisse with aioli & garlic bread 115sek                                              L

Homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce 60sek   G

Churros with cinnamon & sugar with or without vanilla ice cream 120 / 95sek


Tiramisu – 120Sek

Crème caramel – 95Sek

Dryroasted spongecake with raspberry & mascarponecréme – 120Sek                                                                                                                                   

Salted licorice brulee with limoncello sorbet  120sek                            G

Creamy lemon sorbet served in a martini glass  75sek                       G * L

Creamy lemon sorbet topped with Cava and fresh raspberries 120sek G * L Churros with cinnamon & sugar with or without vanilla ice cream 120 / 85sek

Chocolate truffle with cointreau 50 sek                                                       G

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